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„Why can we no longer talk to each other as before?”


“Why does everything that we jointly undertake, end in arguments and dispute?”


“To be with you has become very stressful. Where have our feelings for each other gone?”


These are just a few of the many questions, to which Couple Therapy can provide answers.


It often happens that couples experience a conflict without really understanding the underlying reasons for this conflict.


Living together is being characterized increasingly by endless discussions about “unimportant” matters. Each partner feels that the other side has become incapable to understand one’s own situation and point of view.


The couple then finds itself in a crisis situation in which any kind of reasonable communication has become impossible. Being together is no longer enjoyable but rather a source of stress.


One then focuses on his or her children, on one’s  job and hobbies. Even the sexual relationship with the partner is no longer a pleasure but - if existent at all - rather mechanical and empty.


In such situations Couple Therapy can be helpful.


Couple Therapy is usually undertaken through therapeutic sessions supported by homework.


It is important, in this context, that both partners be motivated to find a solution to their problems and to want to continue living together.


There are of course cases in which the couple’s separation has already been decided. In such case Couple Therapy can help to enable a separation process as “civilized” as possible. The mediation by the therapist can thus be very useful, especially when children are involved.