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The concept of the interactive psychotherapy


The complexity of today’s society and the challenges that we need to deal with have intensified considerably.

At times our life seems so hectic that we feel we can barely breathe.

In every part of our life (children education, partnership, work, social relations etc.) and at every age a crisis situation can thus unfold, triggered by these ever-increasing challenges. Such crises can lead us to feel that we are no longer mastering our own life.

Such critical situations can have as effect different psychological consequences like depression, sexual disorders, burnout syndrome and others more or less severe diseases.

My concept of psychotherapy has developed through a heterogenous, multi- cultural and long-term practical experience in a diverse set of work environments. This approach is based on a fundamental realization of the complexity of the modern society and of the modern human being.

Therefore, the classical psychotherapeutical treatment will be integrated with other forms of therapy adjusted to each individual situation.

Each treatment will depend on the patient’s age, personality and problems.

Each treatment consists of two phases:


Phase 1: Diagnosis

The initial sessions (usually two) are used to develop a diagnosis, based on anamneses, interviews and psychological tests.

The diagnosis is very important to differentiate problems of a transient nature from a possible psychopathological disorder.

Finally, this phase also allows to uncover the patient’s personality structure, his or her areas of strength and weaknesses.

All of this will play a fundamental role in determining the adequate form of treatment.

Phase 2: Therapy

The actual therapeutical treatment will be conducted using individualized methods and tools.

The sessions are not only based on therapeutical interviews but are often accompanied by “homework exercises”, Autogenous Training,  pet therapy and other techniques.

Each therapeutical approach is adjusted and integrated with other methods as required, based on the needs of the individual case.

An example: a patient suffering attacks of claustrophobia (fear of being locked in) will need analytical sessions to understand the reasons of his phobia. At the same time these sessions will need to be coupled with relaxation techniques (such as Autogenous Training) to allow for anxiety control, and with additional “homework exercises” to finally overcome this anxiety.

In another case for instance, a child or an adolescent suffering from a difficulty to establish an emotional contact with others, can be treated with the help of a horse or of a dog, the most natural and direct way of experiencing and acquiring a sense of emotional contact.

Interactive Psychotherapy does not only offer us a profound insight into our inner problems. This approach furthermore enables us to discover and feel our positive potential as well as our limits, important to realize in order to achieve a realistic self-image.


The practice

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