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Therapeutic Sessions

Take place at the practice, and are the typical form of treatment.

Sessions for couples (couple therapy, occasionally also used for therapy of sexual disorders, for child and adolescent psychotherapy, and for parent coaching), individuals, as well as family sessions are offered.



Personal exercises, can help the patient transfer into daily life that which she or he has learned and experienced during the therapeutic sessions.


Autogenic Training

The famous relaxation technique developed by Dr. J. H. Schulz in 1932.

Autogenic Training can be helpful in treating panic attacks, phobias, sleep disorders, and sexual disorders.

This technique can also be applied for the treatment of stress and burnout situations.


Guided Phantasy

In a state of relaxation, developing different phantasies, with the help of the therapist, a patient can come in touch with his/her problems as well as with his/her strengths.

This technique can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety and phobias.





Pet Therapy

A therapeutic technique employing the collaboration of animals.

In particular situations this technique can be used together with therapeutic sessions.

Pet Therapy can be especially effective as part of child- and adolescent therapy, as well as for treatment of depressions, phobias, burnout syndrome, relationship problems, communications disorders, and body perception disorders.


Dream Analysis

Dreams are analyzed and interpreted using the Gestalt Therapy techniques.